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    2.5kg Buckets

    Bulk Grease Handling Requirements

    Introducing our 2.5kg Grease Bucket, the ultimate solution for heavy-duty lubrication handling requirements. With a generous capacity of 2.5 kilograms, this grease bucket ensures an abundant supply of high-quality lubricant to keep your equipment operating smoothly and efficiently. It is ideal for industrial settings, construction sites, and other heavy-duty environments where access to your favourite lubrication is paramount.

    The sturdy bucket design with a secure lid ensures easy storage and transportation, protecting the grease from contaminants and preserving its effectiveness over time. The convenient handle provides comfortable grip and easy manoeuvrability, allowing for effortless transport of the grease.

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    Our 2.5kg Grease Bucket is suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. Invest in our 2.5kg Grease Bucket and experience superior lubrication and protection. With its large capacity, high-quality formulation, and convenient packaging, this bucket ensures that you have an ample supply of grease to meet your lubrication needs.

    Maximise Efficiency with Plastic Tooling's 2.5kg Pails and Tubs

    Industrial lubrication is the lifeblood of machinery, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. At Plastic Tooling, we take lubrication seriously, and our range of 2.5kg pails and tubs is engineered to provide the highest level of performance and precision.

    Our Lubrication Solutions: Leading the Way

    • Versatile 2.5kg Pails: Our 2.5kg pails are a robust and versatile option for various industrial applications. They deliver consistent and reliable lubrication to your machinery, ensuring it operates at its best.
    • Durable 2.5kg Tubs: Our 2.5kg tubs are designed for demanding industrial environments. They offer long-lasting lubrication, making them the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications.

    Why Choose Plastic Tooling's 2.5kg Pails and Tubs?

    • Quality and Dependability: At Plastic Tooling, quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Our 2.5kg pails and tubs are formulated to meet and exceed industry standards, providing reliable and efficient lubrication for your equipment.
    • Versatile Packaging: We understand that different applications require different packaging options. Whether you prefer pails or tubs, our 2.5kg containers offer versatility to meet your specific needs.
    • Precision Lubrication: Our lubricants are engineered for precision, allowing you to apply them exactly where needed. This not only optimises the performance of your machinery but also reduces wastage.
    • Optimised Machinery Performance: With years of experience in injection moulding, Plastic Tooling brings unmatched expertise to lubricant manufacturing. Our products are designed to meet the highest quality and performance standards, ensuring your machinery operates at its peak.

    Elevate Your Lubrication Game with Plastic Tooling

    At Plastic Tooling, we are committed to helping you achieve the highest level of machinery performance through efficient lubrication. Our 2.5kg pails and tubs offer precision, reliability, and versatility to meet the demands of various industrial settings.

    Choose the experts in lubrication. Explore our 2.5kg pails and tubs range and experience the difference that high-quality lubricants can make in your industrial operations.

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