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    400g Grease Cartridge

    400g Cartridge

    • Leak free with double sealing action
    • Ring pull stability
    • Screen printing and Therimage decorating options
    • Double tested for leakage
    • A superior substitute for 14 OZ. US/EU cardboard cartridge
    • Australian designed
    • Australian made
    • Short lead times
    • Available in any colour

    400g Grease Gun Cartridges - Plastic Tooling Manufacturing & Supply

    Australia’s only 400g HDPE Grease Cartridge - the ultimate solution for your lubrication needs. Engineered for peak performance, this grease cartridge ensures smooth operation even in the most demanding conditions.

    Your Most Reliable Injection Moulding Specialists - Plastic Tooling Manufacturing

    What sets our 400g Grease Cartridge apart is its leak-proof design. Crafted with precision, it guarantees mess-free application, keeping your workspace clean and efficient. The sturdy construction and reliable sealing mechanism prevent any leakage, making sure every gram of grease reaches its intended destination.

    Benefits Of Our 400g Grease Containers

    Upgrade your maintenance routine with our 400g Grease Cartridge - where top-tier performance and leak-proof assurance combine for unparalleled results. Keep your machinery running seamlessly and your workspace immaculate with this exceptional product.

    Efficient Lubrication with Plastic Tooling's 14oz and 400g Grease Cartridges

    Industrial lubrication is the backbone of machinery reliability and performance. At Plastic Tooling, we take the science of lubrication seriously, and our range of 14oz and 400g grease cartridges is meticulously crafted to deliver top-notch performance.

    Our Lubrication Solutions: Setting the Standard

    • Precise 14oz Cartridges: Our 14oz cartridges are engineered for precision. They provide a controlled and accurate lubricant application, reducing waste and ensuring that your machinery receives the right amount of lubrication.
    • Versatile 400g Grease Cartridges: Our 400g grease cartridges offer versatility for various industrial applications. They are designed to provide reliable and consistent lubrication, ensuring your equipment operates at its best.

    Why Choose Plastic Tooling's Grease Cartridges?

    • Quality and Reliability: At Plastic Tooling, quality is our paramount concern. Our 14oz and 400g grease cartridges are formulated to meet and exceed industry standards, offering dependable and efficient lubrication for your machinery.
    • Environmentally Friendly Option: Our plastic cartridges are the perfect solution if you're looking for an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard cartridges. They are durable, recyclable, and reduce waste.
    • Optimized Machinery Performance: With years of experience in injection moulding, Plastic Tooling brings unparalleled expertise to lubricant manufacturing. Our products are designed to meet the highest quality and performance standards, ensuring your machinery operates at its peak.
    • Reduction in Waste: Our cartridges are designed for precision application, reducing the risk of overuse and minimising waste. This not only saves on lubricant costs but also benefits the environment.

    Elevate Your Lubrication Process with Plastic Tooling

    Plastic Tooling is your partner in achieving optimal machinery performance through efficient lubrication. Our 14oz and 400g grease cartridges offer precision, reliability, and versatility to meet the demands of various industrial settings.

    Choose the experts in lubrication. Explore our range of grease cartridges and experience the difference that high-quality lubricants can make in your industrial operations.

    A leaking cartridge not only looks unsightly and detracts from your branding it is frustrating for the user as they are forced to clean the cartridge prior to insertion into the gun which should be completely unnecessary. That’s completely avoided with our 400g grease cartridges. We use double sealing on each of our units and thus, provide you with a leak-free solution.
    Ring Pull
    Plastic Tooling Manufacturing utilise a custom and unique, tried and tested ring pull system made of a clear polymer. Simply use the pull ring on the bottom and fit the container into your grease gun. It’s as simple as that!
    Decorations On Plastic
    If you need custom decoration services for your 400g grease gun cartridges, we can do that as well. At Plastic Tooling Manufacturing, we have three options for our clients when it comes to decorations. You can go for screen printing on plastic, adhesive labels and heat transfer labels. Let us know if you don’t know which plastic tooling method best suits your requirements. Our technicians will help you!.
    What other benefits do you get with our grease containers?
    • Double tested for leakage
    • A superior substitute for 14 OZ. US/EU cardboard cartridge
    • Australian designed
    • Australian made
    • Short lead times
    • Available in any colour
    Just tell us your requirements, and our injection moulding specialists will take care of the rest!

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