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    Injection Moulding For NSW

    Specialists in Plastic Injection Molding

    Injection moulding is a fast and reliable way to create plastic products. If you need to have products manufactured in New South Wales, Plastic Tooling Manufacturing can help.

    Since 1980, we have served customers in NSW and created products through tooling and injection moulding processes. We also specialise in decorating the products we create with screen printing, adhesive labels or heat transfer labels.

    Injection Moulding

    When you need plastic products created for your NSW business, choose injection moulding from Plastic Tooling Manufacturing Pty. Ltd. Injection moulding is a fast way to create many duplicated products from toys to machine parts to containers.

    How It Works

    Injection moulding is a fairly simple process that allows manufacturers to create many duplicates of the same item. By using one mould and injecting melted material—in our case, plastic—into the mould, you can ensure that every product is created to the exact same specifications.

    The mould is created out of a durable metal—usually aluminium—that can stand up to the rigours of the moulding process. Then, melted plastic or other polymers are injected into the mould and cooled to create the shape of the desired part or component.

    Thousands of polymers can be used in injection moulding, including epoxy, nylon and polystyrene. Elastomers (rubber) can also sometimes be used.

    No matter what part you need created or how many you need, Plastic Tooling Manufacturing Pty. Ltd can help. We can create prototypes as well as fulfil large product orders.


    We offer three ways to decorate or label the products we create for you:

    Our technicians can help you decide which decoration process is the best fit for your products.

    • Screen printing allows us to print directly onto the plastic products by squeezing ink through a pre-created shape on fine mesh material. The ink is squeezed onto the plastic where it creates a vivid, durable and long-lasting design.
    • Adhesive labels are pressure-sensitive sticker labels that can be printed in great quantities quickly. You can customise your labels with a variety of options to get the right shapes, colours and finishes for your products.
    • Heat transfer labels are applied to the plastic parts using a heated plate. Unlike screen printing, you can transfer multiple colours with one pass of the heated plate, which allows your order to be completed quickly.

    Our technicians can help you decide which decoration process is the best fit for your products.


    At Plastic Tooling Manufacturing, we are a full-service provider of injection moulding services. In addition to creating the plastic products and labelling them, we create the moulds for each product we design. This way, we can oversee your product from start to finish and ensure it is created to your exact specifications.

    To learn more about our services and pricing options, contact us online or call us on 612 9427 4455.